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Our Advocacy Services

We are dedicated to helping you and your child's school team create, implement, and maintain IEP's & 504 plans with integrity. Our goal through this process is to ensure  meaningful educational, social-emotional and functional  progress and successful outcomes for your child.

"Eryn made us aware of several issues that were not even on our radar. Thank goodness we gave her services a shot!"- Shannon, Los Angeles

Our IEP & 504 Plan Advocacy Services Include:

Student File Review

We analyze and review all special education documents alongside the parents. These include:

  • student study team (SST) meeting notes

  • IEP’s and 504 plans

  • progress report review

  • school based assessments 

  • outside provider assessments

  • report cards

  • Due Process casefile review*

  • observation reports

  • functional behavior analysis (FBA’s)​

  • formal letters 

  • prior written notices

  • settlement agreements*

Strategic Planning 

We use strategic planning to predict and prevent many of the common mistakes our clients face. This process includes:

  • Reviewing historical data

  • Documenting current needs

  • Planning transitions between schools

  • Planning transitions starting at age 14

  • Vocational planning

  • Home and community service support

  • College preparations

  • Planning necessary behavioral interventions

  • Encouraging mental health services  

  • Receiving quality-independent evaluations

  • Developing proper inclusion support 

IEP/504 Plan Advocacy

We provide full-service IEP/504 Plan support to all of our clients:

  • Pre-IEP/504 Plan planning

  • Identifying specific student needs

  • IEP/504 Plan development

  • Post-IEP/504 Plan support

  • IEP/504 Plan implementation monitoring 

  • Review/analysis of IEP goals  

  • college preparations

  • planning necessary behavioral interventions

  • encouraging mental health services  

  • receiving quality independent evaluations

  • developing proper inclusion  support 

Meeting Assistance

We provide comprehensive meeting support to all of our clients. This includes:

  • IEP and 504 Plan meeting attendance with parents

  • Reviewing parental concerns and planning next steps

  • Reviewing any concerns identified by the advocate

  • Promoting action steps and reframing opportunities vs. emotional responses 

  • Properly documenting any identified, undocumented concerns

Ongoing Communication & Support 

We know that communication is key, but that it also needs to be strategic and specific. That's why we:

  • Draft IEP input letters with parents

  • Provide physician letter support

  • Draft parent IEP participation,


  • Help support student IEP participation

       when appropriate

  • Pre/Post IEP documentation facilitation

  • private service/community provider liaison

  • general documentation facilitation

  • general team communication support

 * Information and referrals may be provided and nothing is offered as, nor should be considered as medically diagnostic or as legal or medical advice. Referrals may be made and are for information purposes only, and no responsibility is accepted associated with the consequences that arise from commerce or dealings with an individual, professional, organization or a corporation. A referral does not imply an endorsement, and an omission does not imply a non-endorsement.

We help families in these districts!

👉 Torrance Unified School District

👉 Redondo Beach School District 

👉 Hermosa Beach School District 

👉 Long Beach Unified School District 

👉 El Segundo Unified School District 

👉 Los Angeles Unified School District 

👉 Manhattan Beach Unified School District 

👉 Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District 

👉 Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District 

Don't see your district listed?  No problem. 

We cover all of California.

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