Services for Our Clients

Student File Review

Student File Review

We review and analyze all special education documents with parents. 

  • student study team (SST) meeting notes

  • IEP’s and 504 plans

  • progress report review

  • school based assessments 

  • outside provider assessments

  • report cards

  • observation reports

  • functional behavior analysis (FBA’s)

  • progress reports

  • formal letters 

  • prior written notices

  • settlement agreements*

IEP Process Review

IEP Process Support

We provide individualized and comprehensive IEP support to our clients. 

  • pre IEP planning

  • student needs identification 

  • IEP development

  • post IEP support

  • IEP implementation monitoring 

  • review/analyze IEP goals  

  • review/analyze specially designed instruction: accommodations & modification

  • choosing appropriate programming: research based instruction

  • review/analyze school services

  • review of related services

  • review/analyze positive behavior support plan 

  • review of health plan 

  • review of transportation plan

  • review/analyze transition plan  

Meeting Assistance

Meeting Assistance

We provide meeting support for our clients.

  • review of parent concerns and create next steps

  • review concerns identified by advocate

  • action steps and reframing opportunity vs. Emotional Responses 

  • make identified undocumented concerns documented

  • help team members understand where parents are coming from and vs. versa

  • create a safe space for parents to feel fully self expressed and heard by the school team

  • restating requests that have been overlooked or ignored

504 Plan Support

We help parents and students understand their 504 plan.

  • identify impacted areas of need  for student

  • assist parents to get proper documentation needed for 504 plan

  • analyze student data from teachers

  • 504 plan meeting with school team, parents and child

  • review of documents

  • requests for IEP assessment when needed

  • request services under the 504 when appropriate

  • review already established 504 document

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

We predict and prevent common mistakes that happen to our clients by using strategic planning. 

  • transitional issues from school to school (preschool to kinder, elementary school to middle school, middle to high school)

  • transition planning starting at age 14

  • vocational Planning

  • college preparations

  • planning necessary behavioral interventions

  • encouraging mental health services  

  • receiving quality independent evaluations

  • developing proper inclusion  support 

  • support home and community services

Communication Support

Communication Support

Communication is key and needs to be strategic and specific.

  • draft IEP input letter with parents

  • draft Physician letter support

  • draft parent IEP participation facilitation/agendas

  • support student IEP participation when appropriate

  • pre/Post IEP documentation facilitation

  • private service/community provider liaison

  • general documentation facilitation

  • general team communication support

We've Helped Families in the Following Districts

Torrance Unified school district (TUSD)

Redondo Unified School District (RUSD)

Hermosa Unified School District (HUSD)

Long Beach unified school district (LBUSD)

El Segundo Unified School District (ESUSD)

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)

Manhattan Beach Unified School District (MBUSD)

Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District (PVPUSD)

Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District (NLMUSD)

~If you do not see your district here do not fear! We love making new professional relationships!