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"I have learned so much about this IEP Process I never knew. Mind blowing how underserved my child was! " Kim, Torrance

Educational  Consultations

Sick and tired of feeling frustrated with your child's IEP's or 504 Plan?

Take charge today. Let's talk and do this together!

Parents! Can You Say "Yes" to Any of the Following?

  1. Are your child's academic skills on the decline, or have you noticed that they simply aren't developing at a normal pace?

  2. Do you constantly find yourself comparing your child to neurotypical peers and seeing an undeniable difference?

  3. Are you struggling to understand why your school educators seem to have such low expectations for your child?

  4. Are you heartbroken from watching your child's self-esteem hit rock bottom due to social or academic issues?

  5. Does your child have a disability, but you don't know how to tell them?

Through our Special Education Consulting services, we help parents address these often overwhelming questions. More importantly, we help them decide what to do next! At Advocate to Educate, we bring special education advocacy to students of all backgrounds, regardless of their situation or unique needs.

We've made it our goal to guide families through the difficult and often intimidating process of uncovering the roots of their child's painful school experiences. Let us help you and your child overcome their difficulties so that these experiences don't turn into traumatic memories.  Let's chat and see if we are a good match for what you need. From there we can book your educational consultation. 

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We Support Families in California!

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