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Why Do You Need an Advocate? Ask yourself... Is your child making progress?

Unfortunately, children with learning differences do not progress from grade to grade as they shouldThis happens far too often due to the following:

  • The student's educational needs are not identified appropriately 

  • The student in not receiving the appropriate services(type, frequency, or intensity)

  • The student is not receiving appropriate support

  • Lack of SDI/accommodations and modifications 

  • The student is in the inappropriate environment in the educational school system

  • Inadequately trained staff 

  • IEP is not developed appropriately to protect your rights or your child's rights 

  • Lack of positive behavioral interventions and mental health services

  • IEP is not being followed through with fidelity 

  • Undeveloped IEP goals lacking all areas of need and not being followed 


75% of all due process cases (special ed cases that are handled by a lawyer) go in favor of the School District. Most IEPs are legally sufficient but the issue is the IEPs are not developed appropriately for YOUR CHILD. Unless your advocate knows how to TRULY develop an IEP they don't have the keys to the kingdom. We do and we want to help. Learn more about our services here.

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We support families in California!

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